Better Business with Agile Procurement

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Better Business with Agile Procurement

December 1, 2020
By Narta

In a rapidly changing marketplace, your business’ operation, relevance and productivity is critical. All the aforementioned components can be maintained thanks to Agile Methodology.

Agile Methodology is guided by many principles and procedures, helping businesses build a proactive and collaborative procurement environment.

Below are some of the principles that guide Agile Methodology, which can be adopted in your procurement activities:

  1. Customer Satisfaction is King
    Customer satisfaction should be your highest priority with an emphasis on constant value delivery.

  2. Change is an Opportunity
    Welcome change as an opportunity to adapt and maximise your operations, as well as the customer experience and satisfaction.

  3. Speed and Value
    Ensure that you can deliver the highest value to your customers, in the shortest time possible.

  4. Collaborative Success
    Members of business should sit together, regardless of their department. Collaborative efforts will ensure transparent communication and a shared commitment to success.

  5. People Power
    It takes a group of people to fuel projects and create results. Ensure all stakeholders participate in the process to achieve desired outcomes.

  6. Remain Sustainable
    Processes should be developed, reviewed and adopted to maintain a steady and sustainable operation that can continuously deliver.

  7. Keep it Simple
    Achieve maximum returns from minimal resources.

  8. Continuously Revaluate
    Not only should processes be assessed, teams should also self-evaluate their efficiency and make changes where possible. This enables space for growth and improvement.

No matter the industry, procurement teams can take advantage of Agile Methodology to shift the focus from slow and reactive, to agile and proactive. Whatever the environment, situation or goals, being agile means that change can be met quickly and confidently.

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