Driving the retail experience with augmented reality

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Driving the retail experience with augmented reality

July 1, 2020
By Narta
As the drive of technology and online purchasing patterns increase, there is no doubt that new technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) play an important role in the retail environment. AR’s place in the retail sector determines how businesses operate and interact with customers by bringing products and the store experience to them. With its highly digital yet simple to use technology, AR is commonly built into retailer websites or brand apps. Currently, retailers use AR to help consumers view product features, observe how the product looks on them, such as with cosmetics and eyewear, or how larger items such as appliances and furniture will fit in with existing home décor.

At NARTA, we’ve adopted Augmented Reality to enhance the purchasing journey on our review site National Product Review. This is also available to our members through our centralised content management platform – NARTA NEXUS. The AR technology is built onto the site where consumers can virtually ‘place’ the product into their home environment. As consumers view and engage with products in their homes, they can determine if it’s suitable before buying.

On National Product Review, the products available to be viewed in your home range from smaller bench top appliances like toasters and coffee machines to larger products such as TVs and fridges. While the use of AR greatly enhances the consumer’s purchasing journey, it’s clear that AR also benefits business. We have seen that 80% of the top performing products for conversion (intent to purchase) over the past 6 months on National Product Review have the Augmented Reality function.

The future of retail will remain digitally enhanced and once AR becomes the norm, there’s no doubt that Mixed Reality (MR) will also come into fruition. Mixed reality enables the exploration of both the physical and virtual world together in real time and we can’t wait to see how it will transform industries, especially retail.