ERM – Our Energy Partner Now And For The Future

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ERM – Our Energy Partner Now And For The Future

October 26, 2020
By Narta

ERM Power is NARTA’s preferred Large Electricity partner in Australia. Their focus is on supporting Business Develop Enterprise or Site Level Energy Roadmaps

This video provides a good summary of who they are and the value they provide to our members

ERM’s approach? An end to end holistic view of your energy usage and needs, from electricity procurement and proactive account management through to the right advice on making the most of every kilowatt. Our energy solutions are underpinned by deep customer and market knowledge, data analytics and proven technologies.

The result? Unique, product/solutions agnostic, tailored energy management strategies that create value and make it easier for businesses to do business.

ERM Power’s combined retail and energy solutions expertise puts us at an advantage. The insights and detailed knowledge we can access is unmatched. The key components of our capability include:
  • Leveraging our significant experience in the retail energy market in Australia: As Australia’s second-largest retailer to commercial and industrial customers, we have a unique perspective on the needs of large energy users.
  • Highly Skilled Team of Experts: As an energy retailer and wholesale trading participant in the NEM, ERM’s project team is uniquely positioned to draw from our energy market experts when forecasting credible scenarios for environmental certificate creation (project offset) opportunities, wholesale energy prices, PPA strike prices and terms, network charges and government rebates.

Below are some projects that ERM Power has recently been involved in supporting organisations achieve energy and sustainability goals.


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