Green Room Offers Unique Video Content

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Green Room Offers Unique Video Content

June 29, 2021
By Narta

The NARTA green room is ready for action! Housed in our Australian office, our in-house green room has been created to cater to the demand of unique and specially curated video content.

There is no doubt that video has a major impact on the consumer purchasing journey, making it a natural move to start shooting and creating exclusive video content. Adding value to any marketing activity, the NARTA green room produces one-of-a-kind content that can be used for marketing campaigns, promotions or simply just to showcase your product range.

Despite its name, videos produced in the NARTA green room aren’t all shot in front of the green screen. The NARTA green room is an all-in-one hub where products and human subjects are filmed and edited (some footage might even be shot externally). The green backdrop offers creative versatility as it enables shooting and chroma keying subjects during post-production.

With the NARTA green room fully operational, original content can be produced, suitable for a range of mediums such as web, social media, online ads and more. From social media content, film interviews, unboxing of products, informative and promotional content, the opportunities are endless.

No matter your product or your marketing objective, there’s a story to be told and the NARTA green room makes that happen. With a growing catalogue of diverse videos produced to date, some examples of these include:

  • AEG Matte Black Q&A with Scott King: National Product Review’s Sofie Formica sits down with AEG’s Global Design Director, Scott King to discuss all things Matte Black and AEG’s latest kitchen appliance range. This is an in-depth production to showcase a new range.
  • Panasonic Lumix G100V Mirrorless Camera: Get an insight into the camera’s features, functions and how you can use it to meet all your photography and videography goals. This video is a great example of bringing to market a new product.
  • Breville Bluicers: Watch and see in action the juicing, blending and juicing power of Breville’s Bluicers. With two different models to choose from, this video is the perfect place to view and see which model is best suited for varying needs, helping consumers make the right choice before buying. This type of video is perfect if you’ve got differing products under the same range.
  • A world of video content creation awaits. Stay tuned for more updates.