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MKTVUE – trends and analysis

September 9, 2020
By Narta
The performance of the Australian Consumer Electronics Marketplace can be measured and viewed by the MKTVUE platform. Developed by Retail Services Group NARTA INTERNATIONAL, MKTVUE is a platform that provides visibility on key market dynamics and performance, based on actual Sell-through and Inventory performance from contributing retailers and suppliers.

MKTVUE represents approximately 70% of the Market and over 90% in certain category segments, serving as an excellent source of truth for those seeking to benchmark growth patterns, market share and brand or market trends.

Below are just some of the recent trends visible through the MKTVUE data platform.

The recent consumer trend toward spending on experiences at home unquestionably bear out in the data. With extended stay at home periods, Australians have clearly looked to upgrade home entertainment experiences with TV and Audio sales reflecting this.

  • Putting recent TV sales into perspective: Unit sales for the 17 weeks to August 23 were 20% higher than the 17 weeks preceding, and similar growth over the last 17 weeks of 2019 (which included the peak Black Friday and Christmas/Boxing Day sales periods).
  • With streaming services more prolific amongst home entertainment options, consumers have clearly made Loungeroom/Cinema Room upgrades. This is reflected in the fact that in the last 12 weeks, volume sales of 75” TV grew at almost 3 times the rate of 65” panels and more than double that of 55”. The main room TV just got bigger.
  • Adding to the viewing experience at home, Soundbar unit sales for the last quarter (April – June) were 57% higher than the same period last year.
  • We have also seen very strong sales in Kitchen related categories. Growth within Coffee Machines, Electric Cookware and Food Preparation all underpin the trend of Australian households doing more cooking at home.

  • Sales of Automatic and Manual Coffee Machines reported significant volume growth over last year – up 48% year to date.
  • Electric Cookware and Food Preparation categories both experienced 40+% value growth over last year.
  • The 500-600L French Door Fridge segment saw greatest year-on-year growth with an abundance of multi-door offers brought to market.
  • In Australian Laundries, 8kg single-door Front Load models – a segment almost as large as all other sizes combined – continue to dominate, providing a stackable/under-bench solution for apartment living where laundry space is often at a premium.
  • In the Consumer Electronics space, it is clear demand is strong across entertainment as well as all appliance segments. Whether Australians are watching the latest content on bigger screens or in multiple rooms, learning and enjoying cooking more or just making their favourite coffee in the morning, households are all adapting to maximise their lifestyle opportunities at home.