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National Product Review: Helping Consumers Research, Choose & Buy

November 20, 2020
By Narta

An industry leading consumer review website, National Product Review was designed to help consumers on their purchasing journey. Servicing household appliance and consumer electronics customers, National Product Review is a place to research and make an informed decision before buying.

Consumers are guided through the pre-purchase decision-making thanks to the wide range of product categories, brands, products models and customer reviews. Once consumers are happy with their choice, they can use the site to find their item at selected local retailers or where to buy it online.

Whether you’re buying a BBQ or camera for the first time or upgrading an existing fridge or oven, finding the perfect product can be difficult. To ensure the pre-purchasing journey is as smooth and easy as possible, consumers can make use of National Product Review’s tools, which include:

Buying Guides:
Covering featured product categories, the Buying Guides outline the technologies, features and things-to-consider when making a purchase.

Features & Benefits:
The Features & Benefits of each product outlines the product’s purpose, how it works and unique selling points. Alongside the explanation, consumers can also view the product’s specifications to gain a better understanding.

Videos with Sofie Formica:
Short and engaging, these videos feature TV personality Sofie Formica as she provides a quick introduction of the product. Industry experts sometimes feature with Sofie, providing their expert advice. Examples include 2019 Masterchef winner Larissa Takchi (featured below), photographer Harrison Candlin and lifestyle vloggers Claire and Luke from @vanlifestraya.

View it in 360° (In your home):
This function lets consumers see the product ‘come to life’ in 3D as it rotates and can be moved in various angles. When used on a smartphone, this 360° View In Your Home function can be used against your space so you can see how it will look in your home.

Simply press on the ‘Compare’ button and you can compare up to 4x products under the ‘Compare’ tab. This comparison tool is useful if consumers need a closer look between similar products.

Real customer reviews are shared to give consumers an insider look into the product. Ratings from customers give an indication of the quality, value and ease of use of the product.

Articles & Recipes:
Be inspired by the latest technologies, product releases, seasonal content, recipes and so much more. Catering to all parts of the home, National Product Review’s articles and recipes keep consumers up to date.

This feature lets consumers add desired products into their ‘Wishlist’ that they can save for later and share with others.

Locate Retailers:
Simply by putting in their postcode, consumers can find their closest retailer within a 50km radius. Consumers can also narrow down their search by selecting just one retailer.

Offering a full suite of solutions to help consumers with their pre-purchasing decision, National Product Review occupies a unique place in the consumer electronics retail space.

To experience for yourself all the different tools and assistance that National Product Review provides, simply click on the button below.