National Product Review Launches in New Zealand!

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National Product Review Launches in New Zealand!

December 8, 2020
By Narta

An industry leading review website, National Product Review is designed to help consumers on their purchasing journey. Servicing household consumers, National Product Review is a place to research and make an informed decision before buying.

Consumers are guided through the pre-purchase decision-making thanks to the wide range of product categories, brands and models. Alongside the biggest household names, National Product Review offers a selection of tools that ensures consumers can confidently make their decisions.

Some of National Product Review’s tools include:

  • Buying Guides
  • Videos with Sofie Formica
  • View it in 360°
  • Compare
  • Reviews
  • Retailer Locator

With its success in Australia, National Product Review is now available to New Zealand consumers too. Newly launched, National Product Review New Zealand offers New Zealanders the same assistance and convenience thousands of Australians enjoy.

Tailor-made with brands that New Zealanders know and love, National Product Review New Zealand offers the same tools and experiences to assist with decision-making. Once consumers are happy with their choice, they can find their item at selected retailers or be directed to buy it online.

To view and experience the all-new National Product Review New Zealand, simply click on the button below.