The Data team at NARTA are revolutionising the way data is used. Data will become the primary source of services and innovation for NARTA, its retailers and brands.

Over the years we have developed processes to continuously clean and integrate the sales data coming from all our retailers, creating a unique system in Australia that’s fed from over 300 million records a year. Our data will support a set of AI based Portals and Dashboards to report on Market Data for a wide variety of product categories and will be used for Sales Forecasting.

Improve the Data Quality

In an ever-changing market, we understand the importance of data and strive to not only explore it, but to also improve, enrich and optimise its use. To improve data quality, we’ve developed an AI based ETL system that processes over six million records from twenty-four different sources weekly.

Our sense checking process corrects and cleans up to fifteen million records a year out of a total three hundred and twenty million records processed. We maintain and update a product database of more than fifty thousand references, covering four hundred and eighty different product categories and subcategories.

Enrich the Data

We continuously look at ways to expand the scale of data collected, creating new data sets and how this can be integrated and combined with existing data. This provides our team with the best insight into market and consumer trends, which in turn allows us to advise and guide the different product categories promoted by NARTA retailers.

Optimise, Integrate and automate processes

As part of our data integration, we use multiple internal and partner systems to reduce errors and save time, which will support faster operation of our business processes. By investing resources in projects, assisted by automated processes, we can increase the collection and consistency across databases.

Explore and develop the NARTA Data Services

Our data services support the 3 NARTA Portals that provide world class-level market reporting and insights to our brands, retailers and NARTA category managers. By utilising such data, we are constantly developing new business applications and reinforcing our engagement with core retailers and brands.

Promote a fact-based culture at NARTA

At NARTA, our data is easily accessible to guide decision making at every level. Through reporting and analysis, we are able to support our brands, retailers and internal team to maintain a set of relevant KPIs. We also provide training and mentoring on how to best utilise our data for the business, as well as expanding the use of self-service reporting systems such as PowerBI, Excel, Pivot Tables and IBM Planning Analytics.

Netsuite & IBM Planning Analytics

NetSuite forms one aspect of the multiple systems within NARTA; originally implemented to provide an automated Deals and Claims management system. As NARTA continues to grow and take on new business ventures, the system is constantly undergoing development.

NetSuite now serves purpose to every NARTA department, offering management facilities across customer relationships, trading agreements, procurement contracts and claims as well as senior management and market reporting functionalities.

MKTVUE Data Management

MKTVUE provides Suppliers with insights into market trends, dynamics and market share and is geared toward assisting Brands set their strategy. The platform gives you unquestionable insight into market trends, category dynamics and help setting strategy and responding to challenge. The platform was designed to offer an aggregated state-level industry view of the categories our CE retailers operate in. MKTVUE seeks to identify trends that allow subscribers to respond to headwinds felt in the market, to capitalize on areas of factual knowledge and convert incremental opportunities to the bottom-line. The value of the platform is the ability to increase collaboration and be clearer in identifying opportunities – and this is the intention, for retailers to work closely with brand owners for optimal outcomes.