With a focus on promoting products to market, our marketing service began with print catalogues and has evolved to encompass a range of media activities and more recently, the launch of National Product Review. Our Marketing team is focused on a data driven omni-channel strategy, providing a platform that integrates all partners, retailers and brands to communicate their brand and product messages to consumers. We strive for cost-effective and innovative solutions through both traditional and new channels, ensuring we always keep up with the ever-changing market.

Our current program offers a full suite of marketing services, efficient campaign creation using latest trends and technology and delivering shared learning that provides the opportunity to maximise return on investment. All this is done with a consistent in-market message through one touch point – NARTA.

Campaign focused

Leverage efficiencies, cost saving

Economies of scale leads to improved leverage & better pricing

Key benefit of shared learnings which aid future ROI

A comprehensive, complimentary and integrated marketing service to all Members and Suppliers

Full suite of Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line marketing services

In house media agency

Suppliers benefit through consolidation and presenting a consistent in market message

Integration of Catalogue program with TV and the management of a comprehensive digital platform

Comprehensive marketing service to Narta Members and Suppliers


In this digital age, catalogues are still the first point of contact for consumers with 75% of online purchasing primarily influenced by printed catalogues and 90.9% of retailers listing them as a primary marketing tool.

Catalogues start consumers on the purchasing journey by igniting need recognition, creating inspiration and providing information. Many consumers value reading catalogues as a time-out from screens. For electrical appliances, printed media is the top influential channel for consumers to discover new products and where to buy them.

Our program isn’t just limited to catalogues, we have digital touchpoints on retailer websites and catalogue sites. This increases brand and retailer reach, with over 700k site visits per month, allowing access to a large and active email database. A digital site provides retailers with a platform where consumers can search and buy, while looking for additional information such as store location and hours, product information, prices and ‘Buy Now’ links to e-commerce stores.

National Product Review is designed to support consumers with their pre-purchase decision making when in the market for a new appliance. It houses a range of comprehensive content including product feature videos, how-to articles, customer reviews and buying guides. National Product Review acts as an additional path to purchase, helping consumers locate where products can be purchased at NARTA retailers.

National Product Review highlights product features & benefits to help communicate to consumers how the products can enhance their life. Content is designed to tap into the emotions around purchasing, making it a more exciting and effortless experience for the consumer.

National Product Review is a game changing strategy that has provided NARTA with a cost-effective opportunity to gain significant market share, assisting a broad demographic with the path to purchase at NARTA retailers. It has provided an exciting opportunity for NARTA and since launch has significantly grown and has given both consumers, retailers and brands additional value.


Our advertising consists of both traditional and digital activities that are highly targeted including Print ads in magazines, TVCs, Programmatic Digital Display and eDMs.

Featuring lead generation to retailers, automated retargeting and driving the path to purchase, the promotional and branded message remains fresh and evolving with market trends. With a consistent in-market message for brands, our campaigns have reactive, quick turnaround activity with dedicated promotion and price call to actions for retailers.


Our promotions offer a wide scope of services, from creative and media, to customer service and fulfilment and everything in between providing efficiencies to our members & suppliers. We manage a variety of promotional mechanics from at point of purchase to gift with purchase and chance to win and are continually scoping out new opportunities for the group. We strive for an omni-channel presence and deliver customers a smooth journey throughout the promotional process. Each campaign from conception is accompanied by top level management through to post-campaign reporting to demonstrate return on investment.