Procurement Report


We understand that your business is your most important asset. From your operations to your turnover and social responsibility commitments, there is so much that needs nurturing. 

That’s why it’s in our nature to make your business, our business. Through our services, we strive to deliver value that’s beyond savings, so you can get on with doing what you do best.



Supporting Sustainable Development

A set of commitments, actions and measurable targets that are designed to support businesses with regulatory reporting and achieve additional goals that can contribute to an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

The NARTA Modern Slavery Initiative

An industry-led program that supports businesses in reviewing practices within their supply chain, to deliver best-in-class ethical standards and meet requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Responsible Production & Consumption

In combating climate change, our climate action includes sourcing green energy solutions for our members and making changes to production and consumption. To mitigate the impact of climate change, we’ve embarked on a range of activities for our members.

What’s Included

     Your Business is Our Business

     The NARTA Sustainable Sourcing Program

     Sustainable Development Goals

     The Modern Slavery Initiative

     Decent Work and Economic Global Goal Annual Progress Report

     Responsible Production & Consumption

     Measuring Progress & Success


Managers and decision-makers of all levels within your business will benefit from the NARTA Procurement Report. No matter what stage your business is at or what changes are under development, the report will assist by providing vital content that affects operations, product sourcing and supply chains, responsible development and consumption, as well as sustainable practices.

Why work with Narta?

Our industry-leading Procurement Team boast over 50 years of experience. Their innovation, service and dedication have been recognised by many industry bodies including Procurement Leaders, and Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA). Across categories such as Packaging, Travel, Electricity, Logistics and Waste, our team members will work with you to best meet your business needs.