Australians Using More Technology in 2020

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Australians Using More Technology in 2020

January 18, 2021
By Narta

There has never been a better time to seek and learn about the use of technology than today. Having data will better help all levels of societies, from businesses to government and even tech companies, in shaping the world of the future.

Samsung have released details of their Australians@HOME research which showed how people’s relationship with their home changed in 2020. The worldwide pandemic forced many people to spend more time at home and this changed how they interacted with and used technology. From working, learning, connecting or entertaining, technology was at the forefront of Australians’ lives at home.

Home Entertainer
The TV became the source of entertainment as Australians escaped from the everyday. In 2020:
  • There were an average 2.7 TVs in Australian homes
  • Majority of the TVs were over 50” in size
  • 28% of Australians watched more TV shows with their households

Tech as Generational Change
In 2020, technology prompted changes in communication and lifestyles.
  • Baby Boomers hopped online for the first time to socialise on platforms like Zoom and increasingly engaged in online banking and grocery shopping
  • Millennials and Gen Z spent extra time at home and found comfort in cooking meals
  • Shift to home cooking as 44% of Australians cooked more from scratch, with 58% of young families & 49% of millennials turning to the kitchen
  • Younger Australians also ‘nested’ at home: spending more time cleaning, reorganising & creating a sanctuary

Home Hygiene Matters
With more time spent at home, home hygiene grew increasingly important for Millennials.
  • In 2020, 1-in-4 Australians spent more time cleaning
  • A third of Millennials were spending on average 7.3 hours a week cleaning
  • 81% of Australians were concerned about keeping their homes free of dust and mould
  • Over a quarter of Australians were doing a deep clean weekly

Technology and the Future

As 2021 gets under way, there’s no doubt that the use of technology will maintain an upward trend for all aspects of Australians’ lives. From learning and working, entertaining, cooking and cleaning, technology will be there to make it happen. As the recent CES 2021 event shows, technology plays a pivotal role in the home lifestyle, during a global pandemic and beyond.