Top 5 Focus Areas for Procurement in 2022

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Top 5 Focus Areas for Procurement in 2022

February 9, 2022
By Narta

As we dive into 2022, we know that the one constant will be change. The ability to adapt to change means having a clear plan, focus and the right tools to pivot when the unexpected happens.

Through discussions with members and suppliers at the end of 2021, common focus areas were defined. Applicable across all industries, we believe these focus areas can add value to you as an extension of your business operations.

1. Sustainability
Sustainability continues to be a significant focus, with change driven by legislation and regulatory requirements, such as the Modern Slavery Act and single-use-plastic ban across various states. Many organisations have set their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets. NARTA continues to support industry with the creation of the Modern Slavery Initiative (MSI) committee via the Ethical Sourcing Program, which supports the UN’s Global Goals.

2. Supply Chain Visibility
Delays often seen in the supply chain encourages the need for agile supply chain management. Using an aggregator allows a balanced approach to risk with multiple vendor options presented in the same platform. Our partner EFM is able to supply this service and provide simplification of supply chain visibility, invoicing and tracking.

3. People Management
Incentives and employee benefits remains critical to retain staff and encourage new hires. Fleet programs and health benefits like those NARTA offers will become the norm and expectation for future hiring.

4. Technology & Infrastructure
Increase in remote working means businesses will need to ensure their hardware can support hybrid conditions. This may lead to an increase in laptops and peripherals purchases, while property investment is affected as offices are downsized.

5. Increased Use of Local Businesses
At NARTA, we continue to look for ways to support our members with using local and small business. One measurement has been reviewing purchases of First Nations products through stationery supplier Winc, who are a registered Supply Nation small business (Supply Nation is an Indigenous business database). New data for the group for CY20 vs. CY21 saw growth of +265% of Indigenous products, reflecting the importance of this initiative.

Measuring Success
Aside from servicing and supporting our members, we keep our communication constant so that you are kept updated with change, achievements, and business benefits. Keep an eye out for our communication channels; including our monthly newsletter, member review meetings, category specific webinars and our procurement conference.

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