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August 9, 2021
By Narta

NARTA is pleased to announce the continued integration of The Good Guys business into the NARTA structure through the JB Group Membership. Since the acquisition of The Good Guys in November 2016, JB Group has worked with NARTA to integrate parts of the business in line with other shareholding members, including participation in NARTA Procurement and data supply facilitating MktVue Data Platforms.

JB Group and NARTA have made this decision for today and for the future. A further strengthening of our partnership to ensure we continue to maximise our combined scale in delivering efficiencies in our operation and increased value to Suppliers.

As the market continues to evolve, the scale of NARTA with The Good Guys integration, will deliver unprecedented reach for suppliers through a single access point in NARTA for product planning, promotions, content delivery, EDI integration, improved data reporting and analytics across both sales and marketing functions.

For suppliers, this partnership will deliver the opportunity to unlock significant operational benefit as well as efficiencies across their businesses through greater scale in product planning, manufacturing, sales functions, marketing, product launch efficiencies and stronger relationships. NARTA’s centralisation of existing platforms and new services will continue to expand providing an increased opportunity for those Suppliers leveraging the Group, knowledge on what consumers want, reduce time to serve, improve communication, enhance marketing & content delivery and secure volume, reducing their costs from factory through to consumers.

For The Good Guys, the ability to continue to execute their individual strategies and ‘go to market’ plans, maximise the brand, marketing and category alignment in our competitive environment remains. Working with NARTA’s existing scale, this will provide further strategic value in buying, such as the capabilities to explore new categories, potentially new brands and continue to grow ASPs in multiple segments. Additional opportunities include generating new customers with multiple new platforms such as National Product Review, additional support, improvements in operational efficiencies and reducing costs such as software licencing through the Group’s scale.

Now more than ever we collectively need to work smarter together as an industry in achieving efficiencies to remain resilient in a challenging global economy. The decision to further integrate The Good Guys into the NARTA structure is based on long term strategic plans and the opportunity available to NARTA and suppliers to align, better plan and execute strategic goals for the benefit of both parties to deliver volume, brand values and the Australian consumers more products, more choice and maximum value for money.