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Box it, Bag it and Send it – the changing world of packaging

January 31, 2021
By Narta

When it comes to packaging there are so many things to consider. It is not sufficient anymore for durability alone. With consumers expecting more than just cheaper products the way products are packaged and delivered has become just as important.

It has long been a mission of NARTA to ensure that our suppliers act responsibly and do the right thing by our customers, their consumers and the environment. To successfully achieve this, we also require our suppliers to uphold the same strict standards.

In line with our Ethical Sourcing Commitments our preferred supplier JMP is committed not only to respecting human rights but also the environment that we live in. JMP audit their domestic and international suppliers over 4 times a year and require them to hold valid social audit certifications such as SEDEX and SA8000.

All of their paper suppliers are also FSC certified, as is JMP, for the responsible sourcing of paper materials. They are also the only company in Australia able to supply Post-Consumer Waste plastic recycled shopping bags and mailers certified by Blue Angel (Germany) and GECA (Australia).

One of the newest products is the GECA range (100% GECA-certified Post-Consumer Waste plastic). This is a more environmentally-friendly substitute for plain e-commerce mailers, either non-certified plastic mailers or compostable mailers.

What that means is JMP is the only supplier to use plastic collected from public waste streams and re-purposing it into mailers. So, instead of these plastics ending up in our ocean, they end up in JMP mailers. The more we use the more plastic JMP is taking from litter, then once your customers are done with them, they take the mailer along with all their other home soft plastics back to the bins out front of Coles or Woolies and Recycle now turns these into roads! There is even now a company in Australia ( turning JMP soft plastics into bio-fuel.

JMP supply these in branded versions to the likes of The Iconic, Bonds, Hanes, Berlei and Kathmandu and are now launching a generic range. JMP can supply these generic mailers to you or develop your own branded version, completely certified by GECA. JMP is the only supplier in the world capable of supplying this product. GECA not only certifies the material but ensures the manufacturing facility is ethically certified in accordance with the modern slavery act.

Stocks are now available in JMP Melbourne ware-house and will be able to distribute by the carton to anywhere in the world. More information can be found at If you’re keen to know more, please contact Camille Sulit for samples.