Is it time to review your facilities management spend?

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Is it time to review your facilities management spend?

August 12, 2020
By Narta
In the current climate, many organisations have felt pressure to control costs. As the workforce moves to a remote model, facilities are seen as an overhead on the business operation. Organisational managers have been asked to justify the value the facilities have added to the business operation.

One of the best ways to review your Facilities Management (FM) spend is by utilising value management. Value management is a systematic search for solutions which provide greater cost-effectiveness, without compromising function or service. What this means is that instead of dedicating attention on the lowest cost, you adopt a value management approach that helps focus on facilities that come at the best cost, with benefits in tow.

Now is the optimal time to review your Facilities Management spend such as costs associated with Cleaning, Electric and Plumbing Services, Asset Management and Fleet just to name a few. At NARTA, our Procurement team are working through the FM category to put contracts in place for our members. Our full category map can be seen below.

As we continue working from home and are not using corporate facilities as much, this is an optimal time to check lease agreements and any other FM contracts to look for opportunities to re-negotiate or cancel services if you no longer need them.

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