MKTVUE – What is it?

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MKTVUE – What is it?

August 10, 2020
By Narta
The MKTVUE platform developed by Retail Services Group NARTA INTERNATIONAL, is the most accurate view currently available for the performance of the Australian Consumer Electronics Marketplace.

The MKTVUE platform provides visibility on key market dynamics and performance, based on actual Sell Thru & Inventory performance for the contributing retailers & suppliers. MKTVUE provides the following features;


  • Speed to market (with weekly delivered insights)
  • Based on actual retail POS data – no factoring, estimation or guess work
  • A unique data set with broad ANZ retailer coverage
  • Comparative measures & functions such as Units & Value, Last Year, Last Period – which has become more critical in recent months
  • An agile, flexible design to adapt to different user requirements and inputs
  • Covering, but not limited to, a wide range of Consumer Electronics Categories
  • A highly secure, on-demand, cloud-based platform


MKTVUE represents approx. 70% of the Market and over 90% in certain category segments and serves as an excellent source of truth for those seeking to benchmark growth patterns, market share and brand or market trends – for Suppliers and Retailers alike.