Online Reviews: A shopper’s Tool

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Online Reviews: A shopper’s Tool

November 26, 2020
By Narta

Millions of reviews on everything from phones and TVs, to toasters and coffee machines are posted daily all over the internet, but how important are they to your marketing efforts?

As it turns out, online reviews are critically important to how your brand is perceived in the marketplace. People not only read reviews, they use reviews as a critical part of their decision-making process. So, why do people read online reviews?

Potential Customers Trust Online Reviews

Customers want honesty and transparency from the companies with which they are planning to do business. Transparency is incredibly important to your customers because no one likes to feel they have been tricked, scammed, or swindled

Purchasing online is not like walking into a bricks-and-mortar store where you can pick up an item or check out a display model and look sales staff in the eye while asking questions. Online reviews are one of the few means customers have to gauge a business's trustworthiness.

People read the reviews because it gives them a window into how well a company operates and an idea about the sort of treatment they can expect.

People Rely on the Opinions of Others

Word-of-mouth has been a powerful influence since we first started swapping shiny bits of metal for goods and services, and probably much sooner than that.

People quite often rely on the opinions of others to help guide them in their purchasing decisions. They are more likely to purchase a new oven, TV, or camera if they hear good things about it.

A negative review will weigh heavily against the product's favour, and so too will any reports of terrible customer service or after sales support from the company selling it.

As it turns out, it doesn't even need to be a good friend or relative doing the reviewing. According to MarketWatch (22 Oct 2019), your potential customers are just as likely to put their trust in a stranger as they are with people they know.

Consumer Reviews on National Product Review

An all-in-one consumer research tool, National Product Review offers potential consumers assistance with their purchasing decisions. From comparison tools to ‘view in your home’ capabilities, National Product Review also displays real consumer reviews across the wide selection of products. No matter the product category or what stage consumers are at on their purchasing journey, online reviews on National Product Review will ensure consumers can confidently make their decision.

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