Saving money through tracking your electricity spend

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Saving money through tracking your electricity spend

January 31, 2021
By Narta

Part of NARTA’s delivery of the Utilities category is the split between small and large electricity.

Our small electricity partner is AGL and they have been working hard to implement tools for members that will help analyse their spend and provide greater visibility for your teams.

You can Use this portal to view the following:
  • Site List
  • Bills/download bill copies (as far back as two years)
  • Reports, such as interval data/invoice history

All current participating members have been sent their logins and we encourage any members who are not yet participating to reach out for a discussion about your utilities requirements.

A user guide is available from Angie who is managing small electricity and she can be reached via email:

Further to this tool, AGL can also assist you with any requirements you have for green energy. Should you business focus change due to sustainability commitments, AGL is supporting us as we move through our delivery of the UN Global Goals for the NARTA members.

If you would like more information on how NARTA is taking steps to achieve these goals please reach out to Jen at

For further information on AGL and the services they offer please visit the website at