Supplier Relationships – Collaboration is Key

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Supplier Relationships – Collaboration is Key

April 29, 2021
By Narta

In years gone by there were very clearly defined roles for both suppliers and customers. It was most often adversarial and “us vs. them”.

We now know this approach doesn’t work but old habits die hard!

There a few small changes you can make to turn those interactions around to deliver win-win outcomes more often than not.

Meet Regularly
Zoom is great as a substitute but nothing beats an elbow bump! Now that we can get out and about again we continue to be reminded of how much a face to face meeting can be worth. Being top of mind is key to being Customer of Choice to your supply partner.

Get Feedback
Traditionally feedback has only been 1-way but soliciting feedback is extremely valuable. NARTA takes this approach with our 360 degree feedback process and it allows everyone to share their positive and negative experiences and find opportunities to improve next time.

And not just because you have something to gain right away. Long term mutual investments both fi-nancially and with time will have a lasting impact on your partnership and how you work together during the life of the contract as you compete with other customers for pricing and resources.

For more information on how NARTA works with your Suppliers through our SRM program you can email